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Dedicated Servers

One-Click Script Installs

We are now offering over 400+ Single Install Script on Budget Hosting too. This feature ONLY applies for Shared Budget Hosting.

Robust Control Panel

Using the control panel allows you to easily control all aspects of your hosting account. Control panel gives you the freedom to set up parameters on your account.

Website Statistics & Analytics

We also give all users access to AWStats for each domain they have hosted with us. AWStats is one of the most powerful and feature rich tools when it comes to server-side website statistics.

Free Setup

If the whole technical side of getting a dedicated server is daunting to you, sign up for a 12 month agreement and save on the standard setup fees.

Premium Bandwidth

We get our Internet Bandwidth from only Tier 1 backbone providers to insure the best uptime and lowest latency. With us you get the speed that you deserve

Operating Systems

Your choice of OS: CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu and every flavor of Windows imaginable. Whatever you require for setting up your website, we have it.

Why use a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Servers, because they are completely dedicated to your own business, allow you to use them as you wish.

Geek Crunch Hosting
With Dedicated Servers, you have the guarantee exactly when an application runs and which programs will have priority over others. On top of that, you can devise your own security and protection schemes that are specific to the security needs of the applications that you run on the server.

Dedicated Servers are less vulnerable to cyber attacks. Since a Dedicated Server has its own IP address, you won't have to worry that your IP will be blacklisted due to actions of another user.

Choose dedicated server hosting for the ultimate in performance and control, from web hosting, enterprise or private cloud hosting. Deploy a metered/unmetered dedicated server with the latest generation Intel E3 Haswell and E5 Sandy Bridge processors. Easily customize for better performance.

Single CPU, Quad Core Only Solutions


E3-1230 V1 4x3.2GHz
4Cores/8Threads @ 3.2Ghz 8MB
Installed RAM | Maximum RAM:
16GB DDR3 | 32GB Max RAM
Storage Drives:
10TB @ 100MBPS
All Packages Support SSD Drives
Basic Support Provided

Dual CPU, Special Premium Solutions


2x Xeon 2620 2.00GHz
12Cores/24Threads @ FSB1333 2x15MB
Installed RAM | Maximum RAM:
8GB DDR3 | 128GB Max RAM
Storage Drives:
20TB @ 100 MBPS
All Packages Support SSD Drives
Basic Support Provided

Local Disc Upgrades

Upgrade or add more hard disk drives for greater hard disk space. Increase the speed of your bare metal server by adding solid-state drives (SSD) that have lower access time and less latency.

SATA Hard Drives

SATA II drives with 3.0Gb/s interface, 8MB cache and 7200 RPMs. SATA III with 6.0Gb/s interface, 64MB cache and 10000 RPMs. SATA II and SATA III hard drives give best performance in high-capacity storage servers.

SA-SCSI Hard Drives

SA-SCSI drives with rotation speed of 10,000 and 15,000 RPMs, 16MB cache and 3.0Gb/s interface for high performance environments such as mission-critical servers, digital streaming, database access and online gaming.

Solid State Drives

SSD drives increase I/O performance by having lower access times and less latency. SSD drives allow fast access for data-crunching applications. They are faster, more reliable and secure than older hard drives.

RAID Hardware Controllers

Upgrade your bare metal server’s Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) hardware controllers for more protection from data loss due to drive failure and to improve the server’s I/O operations performance.

Premium Server Upgrades

High performance computing that includes 3D video, video conferencing and applications that process massive amounts of data need massive disk space and enormous server speeds. You can further upgrade your bare metal server hardware components from the following additional server options.

Network Uplink Upgrades

Increase the load balancing and network capabilities of your server with network link upgrades. You can upgrade or downgrade both the private and public network up-links to control server traffic.

Trusted Execution Technology

Boost the security of your server with upgrades of Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) that work hand-in-hand with your server to enhance the server platform security and ensure that the OS always starts in a trusted environment.

Mass Storage Dedicated Servers

Businesses that generate enormous amounts of data enhance data security and integrity through redundant data backups on mass storage servers. Owners of data intensive businesses, websites that provide file transfers and downloads, and media storage and processing applications that handle tons of data can benefit from mass storage servers that have multiple drives per server, even up to 36 internal drives in one server.

RAM Upgrades

Increase the speed, efficiency and overall performance of your bare metal server with a memory upgrade at anytime. Your bare metal server comes with a lot of server-grade RAM but games, video conferencing and digital media are some of the applications that might require RAM upgrades.

Redundant Power Supplies

Power loss can lead to server failure, data loss and economic losses from website downtime. Redundant power supplies guarantee continued server performance by having two or more power supply units that keep your server running.

General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPU)

Request for General Purpose GPUs or upgrade to hybrid cloud or private cloud infrastructure to utilize the accelerated computing and high performance of General Purpose GPUs. Graphics Processing Units work with the CPU, handling the intensive portions of an application to reduce CPU workload for accelerated data processing, for example in data analytics and data mining, engineering, seismic analysis and scientific analysis.